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A Blogging Update....

Serena G-HComment

As most of you know, we try to be as up-to-date with the blog as possible. Gever and I apologize for our delay thus far in posting here, and are playing catch-up on the last few days of blog posts in order to get them to you as soon as possible. Because of limited internet connectivity, we felt it was important to be able to write the majority of the blog off-line, and will be shifting the blog for Tinkering School Adventures over to Wordpress (click here) for the rest of our time here. Day 3 is posted as of now, with the hope of having Day 1 and 2 up as soon as possible. Further photos and storyline, for those who want to keep current, can be found on Gever's Instagram pages. Thanks for bearing with us as we figure out and adapt to the challenges of a new location. 

Work in the barn yesterday— we've been quite busy. 

Work in the barn yesterday— we've been quite busy. 


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