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After School

Tinkering School After School focuses on the core goals of Tinkering School:

  • Becoming better teammates and friends
  • Learning from our mistakes
  • Trying harder than usual
  • Building something bigger than ourselves

Winter and Spring After School Sessions
Session 1 January 3 - March 24
Session 2 April 3 - May 25

Older Tinkerers 8 and Up

New to Tinkering After School: Tinkering With ART

Block Printing is a multi step process in which we will create a black and white design, transfer it to a soft linoleum block, learn to safely carve the block, roll out ink and then make multiple prints. In this session, we will make cards. With so many rules to follow and also break, We will have much room for experimentation, failure, and hands on learning opportunities! 

Session 1 Wednesday
Session 2 Wednesday

Tinkering With A Chop Saw, Drills and Wood

Tinkering Tuesday and Thursdays are always a surprise each and every Tinkering Workshop has the same set of long term goals. We aim to empower kids with a sense that the world is malleable. Kids learn that they are agents of change who can grasp complex problems and express their creative ideas clearly. In this workshop, we are doing it with a chop saw and some 2x3s. 

Session 1 Tuesday
Session 1 Thursday
Session 2 Tuesday
Session 2 Thursday


Tinkering with metal offers a different dimension in creativity, design, and implementation.  Tinkerers work on individually designed projects in a collaborative setting as they learn to shape metal using core flux welding using the same equipment as MIG welding but with no gas.  

Session 1 Friday
Session 2 Friday

Tinkering for Younger Tinkerers
5 - 7 year olds

Young Tinkerers will learn to work collaboratively to tackle tinkering challenges that apply scientific concepts and skills. They will design, experiment, create, make mistakes and learn from them. This is a fun way for young tinkerers to channel their energy and enthusiasm to practice problem solving.

Tinkering Science Sessions: Tuesday or Thursday


1960 Bryant St  - Tinkerers ages 8 and up
1920 Bryant St - Tinkerers ages 5 - 7
San Francisco, CA 94110


Sessions run 3:45 - 5:45. Drop-off starts at 3:3; pick-up ends at 6:00.


Tuition ranges from $100.00 to $375.00. Financial assistance is available; indicate that you're interested in Financial Assistance when prompted during registration.

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