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Let's Pilot an Elephant to Feed a Squirrel!

Elephant (Spring 2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Last week, the Thursday After School Tinkerers were trained in how to safely use the tools, and also in how to treat one another and the space during our Thursday afternoons together. Interspersed in last week's excitement as also lots and lots of chatter about "what's the project?!" What are we going to be working so hard and spending so much time going together? Can we sit in it? Can we play with it? Is it a dragon?

Yes, yes, and maybe?

Crane Finale!

Lindsay JonesComment

We started off the last day of class with an in depth discussion of how we could safely test out the Crane, considering the extra weight and hazards a moving 5 gallon bucket of water through a shop creates.  We established a Ready Call System, a Safety Boundary, Rotating Job Titles and a stack of towels.

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