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Relative Measurements vs. Numeric Fractions

Slide (Spring 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

This week, Thursday's After School group was small in numbers, but very productive! Having completed the latter for our slide last week, we decided that the next step was to begin building the actual slide.

During our original design phase, there was much talk of the surface of the slide... will it be plastic? foam? bubblewrap? wood? This week, we determined that regardless of the surface, there definitely needs to be a structure to hold that surface up. We started that structure today. 

Some of our measurements were relative, and some were very precise.

Relative: the width of the slide. ("Wide enough to fit an adult bottom!")
(Semi-)Precise: the width between the structural rungs. (Measuring and dividing won out over "the width of a 7 year old hand!")

We measured, cut, and marked up the structure. With it partially assembled, we are ready to finish it up next week!

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