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Really Small and Complicated

Pinball (Spring 2015)Amanda Simons1 Comment

As the Wednesday After School Crew continues their work on the pinball machine, it has become evident that the components of this project are, as Nick pointed out to me during brainstorming, "Really small and complicated!"

You're right, Nick.

The past few weeks, the progress has seemed to drag on. We might tiny improvements, and test out tiny, complicated things, but don't have much to show for it yet. And I think that's okay.

What we do have is two working flippers, and one ball launcher. Now, it's just a matter of attaching everything, building a box for it to live in, and then more testing, testing, testing.

I guess the lesson for this week is that sometimes it takes longer to make something tiny, and make it well, than it does to make something giant and semi-functional!

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