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"The Search for Eeyore's Tail Continues"

Donkey (Fall 2015)Rachel EconomyComment

The great thing about Eeyore- well, one of the great things about Eeyore- is how many smaller sub-projects and opportunities for tinkering he has given us.

For example, we had to figure out how to attached the variously oriented pieces of our semi-sculptural (but turnable!) donkey head, in which many of the wood layers became too thick for our longest screws. Tinkerers literally turned their thinking upside down to figure out ways to hold Eeyore's head together.

Tinkerers also worked on a really fun, intricate mechanism to make wheels with moving legs attached- here is Marabelle figuring out how to cut a circular shape on the bandsaw. 

A lot of reconsidering of designs, changes, and super interesting mistakes helped us along the way, especially with the help of these tinkerers really supportive and persistent attitudes in the face of challenges or unexpected difficulty.

Learning from tinkerers ideas how to safely cut and drill pieces that seem way too small for a saw or drill has been one of my favorite learning experiences during this project. 

Today, we'll try to tinker with the tail and put everything together!

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