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Mr. Potato (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

This week, the Tinkerers haven't been back at it for a whole two weeks!!  But boy did they make up for that time. Today was had a smooth beginning. Our first four sessions entailed a whole lot of designing and planning. But at the end of our last session, we had a moment where every thing sort of fell together. So when we came in today, everyone was ready to pick up exactly where we left off and go full steam ahead on our solid idea!!

What started off as an enormous nose has had the consensus to become the head/body...


the flow of today had one group securing the head and preparing it to bear the wait of all the body parts..


and another continuing to build those very parts! most of the day, this group spent time outlining ears on plywood.. and taking it to the band saw!


The body grouped finished their day off ALSO on the band saw.. cutting the panels to line the skeleton of a face we built..


while the ear group began designing a new nose!! (this was a wonderful period of focus and collaboration)!


During closing circle, both groups reconvened and spent a few minutes drawing on pieces of paper what they did today, and how they helped. 


The exercise helped the group reflect a little on the work they've been doing, how they've been working together, the friends they've made, the progress they've made, and how gosh darn cool the project AND the project actually are!!

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