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Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

The welding crew had a calm and beautifully productive day with lots of fun. With only four tinkerers at the welding stations today, everyone had plenty of time to weld.  We even had folks on their second project! 

Today, Rory continued work on her abstract geometric form...

Ava finished up her horse with a molten mane...

Michael focused on beefing up his mechanical machine.. 

And after the crew took a snack break and drew a collection of silly faces..

..Dylan finalized his second project that he started today (a cute little humanoid)...

With a pair of metal "eyeballs!!" 

The welding tinkerers had quite a day, and with only one more session left, every one is walking away with an incredible new skillset and one or more awesome welded creatures and machines!!

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