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Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

The tinkerers arrive upon their final session, every one ready to finish up their projects. Its been an interesting journey, and the crew has learned a lot about this new activity and skill. 

At this point, the kiddos breeze through every weld, expertly and with confidence. The imagination, hard work, and learning process left us today with quite an array of projects...

...including Ava's horse. Ava learned quite a bit about how to make jigs for the porta-band (wooden structures to align the blade for the purpose of cutting odd angles). She finished the steel equine today, with a thick molten matted mane, and a precise geometric body. 

While Reid spent some time welding together the curves of her Halloween pumpkin (her second project), she also returned to her first project to finalize its feline tail!

Ben finished up his enormous long spaceship composed of an array of different pieces, ranging in size, and put the finishing touch of some para-cord on his grappling hook. 

Rory finalized her seemingly ever-growing and beautifully absract honey comb of tiny welds and cylinders.  

Michael added his last four big blocks of steel to his awesome hunk of a vehicle. He left today with a behemoth of stacked welds. 

...and Dylan with his! (in addition, Dylan's massive vehicle's got a little rider!) 

These tinkerers learned quite a bit, and achieved quite a lot. We see their weeks hard work and imaginative leaps in these fun creations. They safely and incredibly executed a skill that not many folks can say they have! Thank you to all the tinkerers of Fall's welding workshop, and your heavy structures of art. 

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