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Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

This Friday, the tinkerers kept at it with the welders, the porta-band, and stationary clamps. But these powerful tools and newfound skills would be nothing without the sheer force of their imaginations. As of today, we've got everything from a pumpkin and a horse, to golf clubs and a grappling hook!!

 There was even some usage of some larger tools like the band-saw, to cut a wooden track for the porta-band saw, to cut angled pieces of metal. There's definitely more tools active than just the welders in a welding workshop!!

Reid found herself at the stationary clamp bending 12 inch pieces for her pumpkin with nothing but her bare hands!!

Today, a golfclub bag was finished...

a spaceship is in the works....

And the welding together of many tiny angled steel triangles brought us a beautiful horse head!

The crew has really gotten a hang of the craft, and with only two more sessions left, every one has taken in huge amounts of information and explored their creativity in whole new ways!

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