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Rain is coming... Better Tinker for Your Life! Week 4!

Help! (Winter 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

It's been a few days since the initial earthquake and we're adjusting to post-quake life. We've found some food to share around, but most of us are typically hungry. Thirst is the starting to drive some of us mad. We're easily irritated. But our shelter is stronger and we're getting a lot faster with set-up and take-down, so there is some good news.

The knots we learned are getting easier—like second nature. They're really helping us keep the roof in the place we want it. Which is super important because storms are coming—we see the dark clouds lurking over Twin Peaks...

With the likelihood of coming rain we've stepped up our efforts to capture rainwater and filter it to have drinking water. 

Above, you see the photo of us doing a material test - does this fabric keep the filtering stones contained but allow water through? Yes. Water really shoots through it under pressure!

We've also started working on a gutter system to collect water and get it in the filter. The first step was to find where we think the water will pool on our roof. We realized we could use a rock to maybe find the spot...


We cut a hole where we think the water will pool.

Tinker for your life! Week 4

Then the rain came, just like it was forecasted. We were lucky it only rained one bucket but we still got wet. Well, nearly everything got wet except for our water filter. That remained dry. We'll keep working our next build day!

As always, check out our flickr for more photos from the build. 

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