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Tinkerer's Orchestra! Week 4!

Orchestra (Winter 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

Progress continues and tinkerers tinker on!!!

This week we used a new tool and added bit-by-bit to the pieces of our orchestra. 

Team Ramp-o-harp realized that they would need to cut a length of plywood in half lengthwise to fit on top of our ramp's frame. The cut couldn't be made on the bandsaw, and so the tinkerer's had the opportunity to operate a new tool: the circular saw!

We were pretty excited to finally get the wood intact!

Team fern-xylophone chose a 4x4 piece of wood to be the backbone of their instrument, cut their  wooden xylophone pieces to length, and spaced out the multi-colored, multi-lengthed plastic tubes. 

And of course, a little music was made!

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