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Bug! (Winter 2016)Tinkering School StaffComment

This week started out with a mysterious box sitting on our art tables... it had a DO NOT TOUCH sign but was sealed up! We took turns guessing what on earth could be inside. A giant M&M? A small person? A box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box... ? Turns out it was clay, but who knows what may be in it next time?

Picking up where we last left off, it was time to add plywood sides to some of our segments. Here, a 3'11" tinkerer shows out this plywood is actually just one inch longer than he is! It must be super convenient to be able to measure wood dimensions using your body! 

Visiting the bug segments again, we decided on which way the segments would face and how we would fit people inside them. For our large segment, we determined that benches would be good—and help create a BUG BUS! This is going to be awesome!

The other segment may act as a head, able to steer the larger segment behind it.

After initial plans, we got to work cutting more supports for benches and wheels.

We also started attaching plywood panels to make the base of our shell. And we attached some wheels to help it move!

This week's tool was definitely the drill - so many drill-holes and screws! By the end of the day we had a few of the bench supports added and some plywood on the other segment, but next week we'll have to keep adding more! 

Can't wait to see our bug continue to come together!

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