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HELP! I've been trapped: Week 2

Help! (Winter 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

This week started off by inspecting our heavy object that we have to lift (to rescue a person from underneath). With ALL of us, we could just about get it off the ground - it is full of bowling balls, rocks, weights, and even railroad rail segment!


We really needed to think through our rescue system to maximize how much lifting force we can generate. By combining everything we could think of, we think we may just be able to lift it!


We also built the other side of our lifting tower and moved onto making it 3D instead of two walls.

Our plan is to a) make lots of triangles, b) take time to make sure the wood is flat and secure before screwing it in, and c) lots and lots of screws!

Next week we'll wrap it up and be able to make a test of everything. We're all looking forward to the last week!

(Fun photo from making our lever, mixing yoga with construction!)

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