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Get ready to ELEVATE! #IBT

Get Lifted! (Spring 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

As the oldest group of tinkerers of this session of Tinkering School, we're able to achieve awesome things together that can have a real impact at TS. In that vein, we decided to tackle a pressing need of the Tinkering School - to build an elevator to go from the shop floor (where we work) to the shop storage area. 


Does this photo of Evan look safe at all??? NOOOOOOOOOO! Really, just not safe at all. So to prevent us in the shop from carrying weird/heavy objects up and down a crazy ladder, we need an elevator! Preferably that fits in this nook.

To get started we brainstormed ideas - all sorts of them happened! Including we might need to play muzak!

We then got to tinkering!

Wheel/elevator track tinkering...

Elevator platform tinkering (with a ramp to load things on... maybe it will get a hinge!)

We noticed that there was an elevator in the building—so we decided to open it up and see how it works!! Surprisingly, our plan was very similar except that the lift raises and lowers on a giant screw-like, threaded post!

Also worth noting: we finished all the tool trainings and it was awesome!


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