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Team Tractor (WED) - Week 6

Tractor (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

Whoa! Our creation is actually starting to look like a TRACTOR!!!

We worked on the top of the tractor cab today - the piece with double-angle wood cuts! 

We ran into some challenges when trying to attach those pesky, angled boards. We practiced drilling a primer hole ("a bee sting") and then drilling down at an angle. By the time we attached all four pieces, our tinkerers were pro's at this tricky task!

Because our tractor spent most of its time on its back today, we didn't have a chance to drill it in on top. We'll get to that next week!

In the meantime, we began to imagine what our tractor seats like look like. We needed to shift our perspective to imagine our tractor right-side-up.

We crafted a small set of designs that we'll consolidate next week. The consistent features in all of our plans include: supports, a back, and cushions!

The steam-roller-barrel-wheel group also had their fair share of tinkering done today. They had a chance to use the corded drill for extra "oomph" to create those thick wholes for our wheel axils. 

We realized that we didn't have enough nuts of the right size to secure our thread-rod axils, so next week, the team will build some custom wood nuts!

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