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Boots on and Rollin'! Final Monday Afterschool

Jay SimpsonComment

It is time to finish "the box car shoe house!" Over the last 8 weeks we've been working to make a 8ft by 4 ft shoe that's 6ft tall and on wheels!! For our last day, we set to making our last touches and attaching the wheels to make our boot into a roller skate! 


One of our first tasks was attaching the rest of our shoe fabric uppers and getting our fabric laced with giant shoe laces!

Our final product: 


Next we set to work for the wheels and finishing our door

We also made a poster about our shoe! Specifically, we added stories of mistakes we made and what we learned. 

And here's our crew taking the show out for a spin! It worked great!! But, was a little too large for your shop (lol!) and could only go about 10 ft forward. We had a great time building this project, certainly tons of unexpected fun! Thank you tinkerers!


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