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Wednesday - Week 8 - The Final Tractoring

Tractor (Spring 2016)Evan BarnesComment

The last day of Wednesday After School! Straight off the bat, the tinkerer's wanted to add seat belts for safety. This was a great idea, and we used a combination of rope, eyebolts, carabiners, and bungees to create strong, secure seat belts.

Testing the seat belts.

Our original plans for our tractor called for it be a barrel-moving tractor, so we quickly added some grabber arms as well.

More seat belt and grabber arm testing.

We decided that the tractor also needed a name and license plate.

Make that several license plates!

Final testing! The tractor moved well and even moved barrels! Everyone got a chance to ride it, and it was a true joy to see it all come together! 

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