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Tuesday - Progress from the cobblers

Shoe (Spring 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

Henry holds up our plans—for wheels!!!! Just part of the exciting work that happened today. 

Here Sloane works on cutting one of our last supports for the shoe! With them in place, we worked on attaching and painting walls!

Tinkerer: "This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hArD." (read: sarcasm)
Me: "Oh, yeah? Then we'll get this done so quick!"
...30 seconds later...


All the sudden our screws kept going through the ply and getting stuck and causing so much drama! So tricky! We had to try try try again. Totally eating our words before ("sooooooooooo hard") now.

Then we struggled getting screws to go in properly to our little guide piece of wood (to keep the seam straightened). 

We also started working on our wheel supports and axels. First step, cut to size. Then drill holes in for the axels!





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