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Final: Will we get lift off??? Mondays After School

Get Lifted! (Spring 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

So here's the plan... we have a lot of the parts we need already wrapped up or very close to being done. The question now is can we assemble it? Can we make it all work? WILL WE GET LIFT OFF???

Our rail system was laid out to get the rail-riders on for a test and then the rails were secured in place with cross-beams. 


We also finished the elevator carriage and readied it for the rails.

The last hurdle was raising the rigging for the elevator supports and getting them attached to the deck floor!

So did it work???

No. Our math was a little off as all the parts started coming together. 

Upper frame + rails + rail-riders = not enough space for the elevator carriage in the middle! Doh!

But does it hold? YES! Most of this project works and still meets the needs of what we were hoping to have as a shop elevator! Therefore we're going to keep tinkering and see if shop keepers will be able to make it work! 

This was an awesome, super ambitious project and we loved all the effort, brainpower, and ingenuity all the tinkerers brought to the project! You all were awesome! Thanks!!!





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