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Tuesday After School Crane Build - Week 5

Crane (Winter 2017)Lindsay JonesComment

In preparation to complete our crane project we took a week to step back and focus on safety and structural integrity. Half of the tinkering crew worked with pulleys, while the other half worked with scrap wood to try to build tables that are sturdy and level. Tinkerers were quizzed on using proper length screws and measuring accurately. 

Under the bridge we used Henry's model crane arm, with pulleys attached, to explore what pulley systems actually do and the best way to rig them up!

Dimitriy secures pulley number 1.

Dimitriy secures pulley number 1.

We started with a bucket of scrap wood, pulleys and carabiners, and a rope. We decided on how begin the pulley system, then did test lifts between each addition of more pulleys or re- threading of the rope.  Scarlett started a chart to track, our pulley system changes and how they affected lifting the bucket!

By the end of the day we had learned the pulley systems are connected with a zig-zag pattern, more pulleys make lifting heavy things easier.....unless your lines get tangley! Then, the rope rubs too much and makes things harder.

Everyone is ready to apply their knowledge to the Crane next week! 

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