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Tuesday Crane - Week 7

Crane (Winter 2017)Accounts at Brightworks1 Comment

After a week off, the Tinkerers came back ready for action. We started with an opening circle to identify the final steps needed to complete our crane project. We put our heads together and set-up our priorities.

Chloe started by attaching rope to the crane arm. 

We clamped the arm on top of the tower for a trial run. The rope successfully pulled up a bucket with a bowling ball inside. By doing this we identified that we needed to attach handles onto the opposite end of the arm to make the lifting motion easier.

So the kids set forth to design and build a handle. To do this they drilled a 1/2" hole to fit a steel rod. Then they attached 2x3 blocks along the handle to keep it sturdy.

The other half of the group worked on attaching a spool holder for the rope and creating a deck on top of the tower that would securely hold the swiveling crane arm.

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