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Friday Welding- Week 9

Welding (Winter 2017)Tinkering School StaffComment

We had an amazing last day of welding! It is truly wonderful to see how much the children have grown in their abilities. From barely knowing about welding to feeling comfortable and creative with welding, each of the children have developed literally before our eyes.

Ava doing a fabulous job

Ava doing a fabulous job

There was a wonderful array of projects created. Some started off as one idea and turned into another. Others started with a simple idea and became complexed. There was no shortage to the discovering the difference between an idea and a possible outcome. there were challenges but mostly exciting learning oopurtunities.

Along with developing skills and learning how to weld safely, the children worked well together and made some real connections with each other. It was good to see individuals come in and friends leave out.

it has been a pleasure meeting and working with everyone that was a part of the welding workshop for the last 9 weeks. Watching children learn and grow is like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.

Thanx All

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