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Thursday - After School Program - Spring 2017

Elephant (Spring 2017)Brendon BellComment

'What are we going to build!?" Our first day of our latest after school program began with a flurry of questions and creative inspiration...could we build a dog house!? Or maybe a canoe!?

Our team was ready to roll, but before we started building, we all decided it would be best to make some group agreements. Walk, don't run made sense, treat other's the way they want to be treated was unanimous, use tools as tools, and a new one - the "shelbow" touch (rather than shouting to get someone's attention, we decided it would be best to approach them and give an elbow or shoulder tap). We all signed our agreements and once it was official it was game on!

First we learned how to operate a chop saw safely - keeping all body parts out of the "blood bubble" (cutting zone)...

We also discovered how helpful clamps can be...

But sometimes a helping hand is even better. Learning how to collaborate comes in handy for both big and small projects.

Drilling, clamping, cutting. We learned the core skills of building with wood. Everyone decorated a piece of their work to take home as a reminder of what we had learned.

Onto next week! We're super excited to start building our mystery project!

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