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Carnival - Week 5 - Boys & Girls Clubs - Mission Clubhouse

Carnival (Fall 2018), B&GClub - M (Fall 2018)Brendon BellComment

Are you ready to get dizzy!? The Mission clubhouse teams made lots of progress on their spinning gravitron as well as their rocket ship swings!


To make sure the gravitron doesn’t spin itself apart, the team decided it would be good to add some cross supports. The task provided an excellent opportunity to practice using clamps.

WHOOO! It spins!

WHOOO! It spins!

One of the rocket ship crews was able to cut out their bottom hatch. They chose a square instead of a circle to distinguish their rocket from the other crew’s.


Amanda and Joanna are now pros at using the jig saw. It’s so great to see kids quickly become proficient and comfortable using power tools. All that’s required is a little encouragement and lots of opportunities to practice!


The circle hatch rocket team was able to successfully finish attaching their floor to the frame.


After standing on it and testing its strength, the team discovered that they needed to cut and attach some more cross supports to prevent the floor from bending underfoot.

With a few more weeks to go in the session, the carnival rides are quickly approaching test riding time… so exciting! Stay tuned to see the kids hard at work next week and in the meantime visit our Flickr page to check out more of the tinkering action!

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