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Carnival - Week 6 - Boys & Girls Clubs - Mission Clubhouse

B&GClub - M (Fall 2018), Carnival (Fall 2018)Julie PeriComment

It’s week six already! The “Gravitron” and “Rocket” teams are making speedy progress. Soon our carnival rides will be spinning and swinging!


Joana and David worked on attaching the flooring and the walls. David used the jig saw to cut out the tracing of the flooring that he drew while Joana added cross supports.


Working on the gravitron required everyone’s focus and attention. After attaching the flooring, Wallace and Diego began to make pilot holes for where the outer wheels will attach to the gravitron. Wallace points to his hole to show Diego where to put his.


The Rocket Swing team subdivided into two smaller teams to get our rockets closer to blast off! Naret, Yareth, and Jazmine worked on drilling holes for ropes to lift the rockets up off the ground. They also attached wooden supports for what will soon be the side rails to the rocket swings.


Yareth and Naret added supports for the rocket swing railing.


Ailey got creative and attached PVC pipe to the frame of one of the Rocket Swings.


It’s decoration time! Annie used masking tape, markers, and cellophane to give the rocket some flare, while Amanda experimented with materials for the windows and walls.

Check back in next week to see the Gravitron and Rocket Swings in action!


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