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Roving Vehicles - Week 6 - Boys & Girls Clubs - Willie Mays Clubhouse

B&GCLub - WM (Fall 2018), Vehicles (Fall 2018)Brendon BellComment

This week we are one step closer to steering our roving vehicles! With frames made and axles put into place, we are ready for wheels- LET’S HIT THE ROAD! (Or at least the nearest sidewalk and baseball field)


Today Jadya, Keyonie, and E’mya teamed up to get the “house rover” prepped for take off! Affectionately called the “J” team, they all agreed that the jigsaw is their favorite tool to use and that it makes their hands feel “tickly”. The “j” team worked on drilling holes for the front axle and used her super power focusing skills to cut ply for the flooring.


Keyonie cuts through plywood with the jigsaw like a pro! George and Douglas worked on a super-sized vehicle that takes a whole team of people just to lift it off the ground! With persistence, focus, and collaboration they are nearly ready for a test ride.


Drilling holes for the axles is tough!! George and Douglas work together on this one.


Kai and Kenneth put their axle through the frame, then attached the wheels and collar shafts (with a little help from our handy dandy friend, the mallet.)


Kai puts the axle and wheels on the wooden frame while Kenneth puts a collar shaft on the axle to make sure the wheels stay in place.


And woohooo! We are ready to test our kart. Kai and Kenneth enjoyed a beautiful view after test riding their roving vehicle :)

Another fun day of tinkering work and play at Willie Mays. Check back next week to see where our roving vehicles take us!

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