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Flying Dragons - Week 7-8

Flying Dragons (Fall2018)Julie PeriComment

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s a flying dragon. With a final push in the last two weeks, all three dragons took flight and delivered the egg to its nest.

On the Baby Harley team Juliana and Tommy added supports to their dragon’s neck and head.




Building dragons is not possible without having fun along the way :-)


On the dragon you ride in team, Olivia focused on attaching the dragon head.

Peter discovered that clamps are great for attaching perpendicular pieces.

Peter discovered that clamps are great for attaching perpendicular pieces.

Meanwhile, Asher added wings to the dragon you ride under team’s dragon.


After Asher was done with that, he and August added screw supports for the structural safety of their dragon, on both the underbelly and the neck.


Then - before we all knew it the final day was here! We did a couple of safety tests then we soared across the school in our dragons.

The under team went first, with Katie on board to test, and…it worked!


Caulder tested the fire dropping mechanism on his team’s dragon while loading up the next tinkerer on board.


Each team got to ride on their own dragon. Jackson, used his team’s egg catchment system successfully deliver the egg into the nest.


Next up were the dragons you ride in team. Clay and Skylan rode together first, followed by Olivia and Adele, and Peter and Nick. All three pairs successfully dropped their egg into the nest as well!


Last and certainly not lease, the Baby Harley team got their turn on the zipline. Hold on tight - this dragon goes fast!


After a day of fun and successful dragon riding, our tenacious tinkerers went home knowing the satisfaction of eight weeks of hard work and fun. See you all around next time! And don’t forget to check out all the photos from our flying dragons tinkering session!


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