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A mini clubhouse! 4th post - Boys & Girls Club - Willie Mays Clubhouse

B&GClub -WM (Winter 2018)Brendon BellComment

This week our crew was a little smaller, but our tinkerers still accomplished a lot! 

Kiejuan took the lead in cutting and attaching the roof panels. It's really starting to come together! We built each part of the clubhouse separately in order to make it easy to store before our final assembly. 


Laura took on a fun challenge to create a revolving door for our clubhouse.

Laura and Julie discussing and drawing up plans.

Laura and Julie discussing and drawing up plans.


DeAnte and Jayzal even started on a 40" flatscreen tv for the clubhouse. 

And last but certainly not least, we finished installing a "skylight" on the roof.


It's hard to believe, but we only have one more week to continue tinkering with this crew. It's going to be amazing to see the entire clubhouse assembled next Wednesday! Keep checking back to see the ribbon cutting ceremony! 

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