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Reverse Engineering: Into the Sun

Reverse (Fall 2013)Sean Murray

Having acheived hands-free toasting last week, this week we started in on a new challenge: reverse-engineering Ben's solar-powered toy car.

Parker uses the multimeter to test a cell. Each cell pushes 0.5 volts at up to 600 milliAmps.

Our goals in this new project are to explore

--a new source of power (DC from photovoltaic solar cells instead of AC from the wall outlet) 

--a new type of resistance (revolution of a motor rather than heat from wire) 

 --a new type of work (motion instead of heat.

Reid tests two cells soldered together...which will increase--current, voltage, or both?

Next week we'll solder our solar cell "fuel" sources, before connecting them to motors and wheels! 

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