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Dangerous Done Well: Falling From Great Heights

Dangerous (Fall 2013)Sean Murray

To cap our year of knife-throwing, battery-licking, blindfolded-walking, torch-lighting, microwave-exploding fun, we decided to feel what it's like to fall from a great height. Safely, of course.

Victor prepares to jump from 40

Victor prepares to jump from 40". Our final leap would be from 62"

By this, our ninth meeting, we were veterans at running our Risk Mitigation System. We built and maintained an overlapping lattice of pillows, used a silent "Ready!" call, and escalated iteratively--first jumping from the ground, then a stool, then a table, then a stool clamped firmly to the table.

For epic slow-motion video of your kid falling (and doing lots of other dangerous stuff) visit our Flickr!

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