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Dangerous Done Well

Dangerous (Winter 2014)Sean Murray

The world is a hard, sharp, hot dangeorus place. In Dangerous Done Well, we aim to get better at

1) assessing the risks presented by an activity

2) engineering "reduced-risk" versions of that activity, and escalating iteratively to the proposed activity.

The group watches a YouTube video called

The group watches a YouTube video called "Idiot Sticks Knife in Toaster", and example of Dangerous Done Poorly.

For our first class, we focused on two key skills of Dangerous Done Well:

1)the "Ready?" call and

2) our vow to never, ever chant (e.g., "Do it! Do it! Do it!". For any reason. Ever.

A silent thumbs-up indicates readiness and attention.

We spent the afternoon lighting matches and candles, setting our (plucked) hair on fire, and lighting increasingly large strips of paper.

Stay tuned for more.

Jonah sets his hair on fire.
Don't worry, Winter had a bucket of water sitting just outside the frame of this photo.

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