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Reverse Engineering: Our First Success

Reverse (Winter 2014)Sean Murray

We reverse engineered the desk! By looking at an object carefully, closely and together, our group taught themselves how to make it!

The team poses with the TWO desks they built.

The team did two extraordinary things that made success inevitable:

1) the first tool the reached for was the pencil: they had a complete cut list and a building plan before touching their first piece of wood

2) they worked together as a unit, fluidly assigning themselves tasks and aggressively seeking opportunities to help one another

Some of the team's notes.
There were many moments of true one-piece flow. Here, Giatta clamps legs in place, then Uri drills pilot holes. Nick was following behind sinking screws. Flow!

We will go one break for the holidays, then come back and reverse engineer objects that are even more complex!

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