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Finishing the Landing and Attaching the Footpath!

After SchoolSean Murray

We began today by splitting into two groups: Ethan and Dexter finished blocking the landing (the part of the drawbridge that does not move) while Sean and Trent built the landing's bottom rim and vertical posts.

Dexter and Ethan figure out some tricky blocking on the footpath.

We assembled the landing and--it fit! Can't say enough about the precision required to build a thing in modules, then have those modules actually fit together!

Trent assembles the landing.

Then we attached the footpath (the part that draws up and down) to the deck--another great mate!

Framing for the landing (background) mated w/ framing for footpath!

With the last moments of class we started in the pulley system that will raise and lower the footpath.

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