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Reverse Engineering: Chairs and Farewell

After SchoolSean Murray

For our last Reverse Engineering challenge, we tackled rolling chairs. Chairs are a puzzle. How could something so ubiquitous be so complex, so difficult to make?

The crew relaxes on their finished chairs.

We are so proud of this group. Every session had an atmosphere of fun and focus. People got to pair up with old friends and collaborate with new partners. It was lots of shared frustrations, joys and laughs--just like building should be.

Michael, Deke and Nick clamp a chaise-esque reclining beach chair.

Milan and Giatta realize attach legs to the seat of a stool.

Milo attaches rails.

Sarah and Yuriy's sketch for a formidable rolling chair--legs were made from 4x4!

Sarah enjoys the finished project.

Nick, about to realize that he needs a clamp!

Thanks so much, Cam, Tay, Giatta, Milan, Nick, Deke, Sarah, Michael, Milo and Yuriy. Y'all are great problems-solvers--keep practicing and getting even better!

Yuriy and Sarah realize they hadn't resolved how to attached the legs to the back! (They rain 2x3 up the legs with angled wedges, to recline the back at 15deg.)

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