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Tinkering School After School: Seniors

After SchoolSean Murray

Tinkering School After School Seniors is a place for older builders to 1) tackle complex, open-ended problems; and 2) learn to use tools not just safely, but precisely and efficiently.

Panu attaches a foot platform to a stilt.

After practicing on the chop saw, band saw and drills, we started in on our first challenge: Build a pair of stilts that can be used to safely walk the perimeter of our space on Bryant St--about 300 yards.

One of our less technical drawings.

Builders dreamt up solutions to problems like foot platform stability, traction, and handles, and freely swapped ideas. By the session's end, we were making our first steps--small, slow, and a bit wobbly, but definitely forward.

Ethan helps Dexter test a second version of their stilts.


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