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TSAS Seniors: Stilts Complete, A Library Begins

After SchoolSean Murray

In TSAS seniors, our mature builders can home in on tiny details and explore complex projects. Last week we challenged our builders to make working stilts. 

Sam went really deep into the problem of folding the traction pad.

Each team went through several iterations, and refused to stop at "good-enough". They truly tinkered, finding novel solutions to traction problems (yoga mats + roofing nails), grip issues, and the dreaded getting-bonked-in-the-head-by-your-own-stilt.

yoga mat + template + 3/16 yoga mat + template + 3/16" washer + 3/4" screw = traction

With stilts completed, we started in on the challenge that will occupy our next few weeks: the construction of the Tinkering School Library.

Ethan and Dex test their umpteenth iteration.

We sat with paper, pencil and rulers to generate ideas for storing, organizing and displaying our burgeoning book collection.

Asa pitches an idea to Panu, Dex, Josh and Trent.

Inventive proposals were flying--invisible bookshelves, shelves made from slabs of redwood, and even a cart. Stay tuned to see what comes out of the workshop.

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