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TSAS Middles: Gutter Tests

After SchoolSean Murray

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

― Oscar WildeLady Windermere's Fan

Our big picture project is a boat race: we'll make tiny boats that race through gutters, right here in our shop. But this big picture is more of a big mosaic, made of many tiny elements.

Kielson, Jack and Luca's prototype may look small, but it yielded big fruit--their use of plywood minimized the number of seams, and therefore leak potential!

The first is development of a water-tight gutter.

Today we tested three different prototypes, then met as a group to decide on a design that incorporated strengths from all three.

Gio, Elijah, Travis and Josh test their gutter in the slop sink.

No caulk gun? No problem! Lulu improvises.

All hands on faucet for a test...

An informative test: caulk is no good after the 30-minute tack time--you have to wait 24 hours for the full cure.

Next week we'll go into production mode on the gutters!

On the final minutes before clean-upo, Elijah makes a brace for the full size gutters. It will be one of over 30 braces!

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