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Thursday Time for Tool Training

After SchoolNathan Savoy

Thursday's  are going to be a blast this fall. We have lots of hands on board so we are stoked to build something really cool. We began the afternoon in the art studio with some quick introductions and sharing in some basic shop etiquette.

Next we moved on to training. Taking time to learn about safety, uses and techniques for operating the chop saw, clamps and drills.

Franny tests the stability of the clamp structure the group constructs with the pieces of wood they each cut on the chop saw.

Moments later, Owen mimics Franny's model and tests the structure Cecile and him are working on.  

Cecilia moves her keen to steady the wood while Portia practices posture and how to use her body's weight to drill a hole. 

Liam configures his single piece of strapping to attached both of the pieces he cut on the chop saw. 

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