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Ping Pong (Winter 2014)

Best of Friday After School / Winter 2014

Ping Pong (Winter 2014)Amanda SimonsComment

An Eight Week Ping Pong Ball Challenge

1. Please build a container that holds 100 ping pong balls and dispenses them one by one.

2. While you weren't looking, we painted 25 of the ping pong balls black. Please build something that can sort those ping pong balls into piles according to color.

4. Please build a box for only the white ping pong balls to fall into.

5. Oh! While you were busy building that box and sorting mechanism, we ordered an industrial sized fan from Amazon. The black ping pong balls will now drop, be caught by the air flow, and then unpredictably fly across the room. Please build something to redirect those balls so that we don't lose them.

6. Great! Now that we've redirected those errant ping pong balls, please build something to collect them in.

7. Awesome! Thank you for accepting and artfully overcoming these challenges.

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