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Submarine (Fall 2014)

Submarine Standing

Submarine (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

This Thursday session we took on the ambitious goal of attaching the three frames for the submarine we reconstructed last week.  

The group self organized into pairs which allowed us to tackle multiple tasks, simultaneously. This sort of co-operation was exactly what we needed to get this sub assembled and off the ground. 

Check out that focus! 

Thursday's Second Try

Submarine (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

On our third Thursday at after school we began by marking the dimensions and setting out our constructed frames for our submarine. After the group saw the chosen scale upright they unanimously decided it was too tall. So we took them all apart, cut them down and reattached them. The redesign had us redoing last sessions work but it was best we caught the design flaw sooner as opposed to latter.  

I came across the below stream of clips when uploading photos from the day. I can't help but share how the shop looks and sounds in real time (even if the video does make me feel a little dizzy).  For a more stable experience of our day check out our Flickr

Thursday Time to Tinker

Submarine (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

At Tinkering School we keep the kids in suspense of what we are going to build at after school until it's time to actually design. This approach allows us to capture the kids initial response and creativity that surfaces when prepared with pencils and a piece of paper and a big an idea. It also helps us collaborators managed expectations and constraints in real time. With that said, "we're going to build.. a YELLOW SUBMARINE!"

Portia puts some "personal" touches on her submarine design. Namely, her name. 

After sharing our designs and determining a master plan we can all agree on, it's time to build! 

Thursday Time for Tool Training

Submarine (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

Thursday's  are going to be a blast this fall. We have lots of hands on board so we are stoked to build something really cool. We began the afternoon in the art studio with some quick introductions and sharing in some basic shop etiquette.

Next we moved on to training. Taking time to learn about safety, uses and techniques for operating the chop saw, clamps and drills.

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