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Welding (Fall 2016)


Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

The tinkerers arrive upon their final session, every one ready to finish up their projects. Its been an interesting journey, and the crew has learned a lot about this new activity and skill. 

At this point, the kiddos breeze through every weld, expertly and with confidence. The imagination, hard work, and learning process left us today with quite an array of projects...

...including Ava's horse. Ava learned quite a bit about how to make jigs for the porta-band (wooden structures to align the blade for the purpose of cutting odd angles). She finished the steel equine today, with a thick molten matted mane, and a precise geometric body. 

While Reid spent some time welding together the curves of her Halloween pumpkin (her second project), she also returned to her first project to finalize its feline tail!

Ben finished up his enormous long spaceship composed of an array of different pieces, ranging in size, and put the finishing touch of some para-cord on his grappling hook. 

Rory finalized her seemingly ever-growing and beautifully absract honey comb of tiny welds and cylinders.  

Michael added his last four big blocks of steel to his awesome hunk of a vehicle. He left today with a behemoth of stacked welds. 

...and Dylan with his! (in addition, Dylan's massive vehicle's got a little rider!) 

These tinkerers learned quite a bit, and achieved quite a lot. We see their weeks hard work and imaginative leaps in these fun creations. They safely and incredibly executed a skill that not many folks can say they have! Thank you to all the tinkerers of Fall's welding workshop, and your heavy structures of art. 


Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

The welding crew had a calm and beautifully productive day with lots of fun. With only four tinkerers at the welding stations today, everyone had plenty of time to weld.  We even had folks on their second project! 

Today, Rory continued work on her abstract geometric form...

Ava finished up her horse with a molten mane...

Michael focused on beefing up his mechanical machine.. 

And after the crew took a snack break and drew a collection of silly faces..

..Dylan finalized his second project that he started today (a cute little humanoid)...

With a pair of metal "eyeballs!!" 

The welding tinkerers had quite a day, and with only one more session left, every one is walking away with an incredible new skillset and one or more awesome welded creatures and machines!!


Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

This Friday, the tinkerers kept at it with the welders, the porta-band, and stationary clamps. But these powerful tools and newfound skills would be nothing without the sheer force of their imaginations. As of today, we've got everything from a pumpkin and a horse, to golf clubs and a grappling hook!!

 There was even some usage of some larger tools like the band-saw, to cut a wooden track for the porta-band saw, to cut angled pieces of metal. There's definitely more tools active than just the welders in a welding workshop!!

Reid found herself at the stationary clamp bending 12 inch pieces for her pumpkin with nothing but her bare hands!!

Today, a golfclub bag was finished...

a spaceship is in the works....

And the welding together of many tiny angled steel triangles brought us a beautiful horse head!

The crew has really gotten a hang of the craft, and with only two more sessions left, every one has taken in huge amounts of information and explored their creativity in whole new ways!


Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

WOH-WOH-WOH... sixth session already!! These folks have been at it for a while.

It's been a rainy week, but at the Tinkering School Welding Workshop we warmed ourselves up with some electrically conducted UV rays (safely)...  

These rays emitted as we melted metal together with metal and continued progress on projects! 

horse legs   

horse legs


Today, Reid was honoring the halloween spirit and beginning work on a second project: A pumpkin!


And though visually undocumented, every Tinkerer made progress today that involved getting pieces of steel sliced up into smaller lengths and angles! Needless to say, we spent a bunch of time using the PORTA-BAND, a hand-held, Collaborator-operated, band saw. It was a fast paced and productive day with Tinkerers constantly building onto their welding projects. 

Friday Welding - Week 5

Welding (Fall 2016)Amanda SimonsComment

We should rename this After School Friday Session. It's not really about welding at all!

The thing about welding is that the actual welding part is so short. Push the trigger. Boom. You're done. That's it. On to the next thing. 

It's the "on to the next thing" part that takes the time.

Before we can even weld anything together, we have all this safety equipment -- jackets and booties and helmets and googles and gloves. 

Before we can even weld anything together, we have to plan the design. We have to measure and cut and figure out where a weld is even going to go. 

Before we can even weld anything together, we have to arrange and hold down and carefully place all these (sometimes) tiny pieces. 

Before we actually have a project that looks like a thing, we spend week and weeks prepping to pull the trigger on that welder. It's a slow and methodical process that teaches the Tinkerers about patience and planning and even more patience. 

But there's good news. This week was Week 5!

And that means we have some pretty neat projects evolving. All that planning and patience has paid off and I can't wait to see what next week brings! 


Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

We got goin' once more!!! Everyone's projects are turning into stuff that you know what it is, and it is AWESOME!! 

With folks journaling in their notebooks... 

We've got everything from grappling hooks....

and space ships....

to abstract geometrical creations!!!

'Can't believe that after only FIVE DAYS of workshopping, the tinkerers have gotten to be so safe, exited and apt at their new skill!! 



Friday Welding - Week 4!!

Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

At the start of our fourth day of Welding Workshops, everybody constructed a lil' paper notebook to write down their goals, ideas, accomplishments, or designs!

Then came a fresh review on what it looks like to be "ready to weld!" This resulted in a little diagram of our collaborator/friend Amanda...

Folks contributed to the Amanda's body with all the equipment and garb she'd need to start welding. 

Folks contributed to the Amanda's body with all the equipment and garb she'd need to start welding. 


And then....

Once More...

Folx got to welding!!

Its about that time in the sessions where everybody's gettin into the groove of planning and welding..


And projects are chuggin along! Getting bigger, more complicated, and so beautifully tinkered with!

Friday Welding - Week 3!!

Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

Today the Tinkerers got started designer their individual projects and did plenty of realizing it on the welding table!



After they drew out their design, they'd get welding!

Some folks even had to make jigs for the portaband saw to cut pieces for their projects!

Waiting for their turn at a welder the tinkerers found themselves conversing about their projects and life while figuring out how to set up their next welds.

And at the end of the day, we admired the tons of cool individual projects we'd started and are ready to continue creating and welding next week!

Friday After School Week 2 - Welding!!!

Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

One week after meeting each other and learning the basic principals and safety of welding, the group reunites to start welding stuff together!!!!


We learned how to use welding magnets to keep pieces of metal in place while on the welding table...

At one point, one of our welders stopped working, and we got to open it up and take a look inside at the spool of wire that gets heated up by electricity!

After diving in and fixing this exciting issue, that station was able to get back to welding, and both stations away today with some pretty cool welds attaching metal at angles and long corners!

Tinkerers have begun their projects, looking forward to welding more next week!!!

Friday After School Week One - Welding!!!

Welding (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

On the first Friday of Tinkering After School Welding, we got so much done+and had soo much fun!! After getting to know each other, we sat down to build some group agreements for our little Friday welding community. 

Before long, we moved on to some sciency facts of welding and some safety parameters too!

Here we get a little overview of the body protection you need when welding...

Before long tinkerers were cozy in their UV protective masks, ready to take on a new skill!

On our first day of after school, every tinkerer got to take a shot welding with their new friends..

With super cool results to learn from... !!

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