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Welding (Spring 2017)

Welding Week 7 - Finale!

Welding (Spring 2017)Brendon BellComment

Hard to believe its our last class! With little time remaining, we jumped into our projects with lots of focus and determination.

A few projects had been completed the previous week, so some tinkerers used their time to experiment with different tools and create something small.

Just like wood can get a final sanding, we worked to file our welded sculptures to a final polish.

Drilling and bending metal were a really popular ways of manipulating metal in addition to welding throughout the course. As the tinkerers learned about the different ways they could work with metal, their imaginations took off with the possibilities... 

After 7 weeks of hard work, creativity, learning, and lots of sparks, the tinkerers presented their handiwork to each other and their parents. It's been incredible to see their evolution from hesitant and slightly nervous beginners, to accomplished metal workers, confident in their new welding and metal manipulation skills. 

Check out all the photos from the course at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tinkeringschool/albums/72157678985728654

Welding Week 5: Project Time!

Welding (Spring 2017)Brendon BellComment

In our past classes we learned how to weld a single bead, weld multiple pieces of metal together, cut, bend, and drill metal and much more. Today we put all those skills to practice and had the entire class time to work on our creative projects!

What began as simple design sketches are now taking shape! 

Sometimes the easiest way to make something fit is to file a piece down. 

Drilling holes for screws is one of the most effective ways to attach our metal creations to other materials like wood.

Onward my steely compatriots!

Onward my steely compatriots!

Looking forward to next week and perfecting our new skills as we continue to create epic metal masterpieces! 

Check out all the photos on Flickr!

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