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After School Programs

Tinkering School After School focuses on four goals:

  • Becoming better teammates and friends

  • Learning from mistakes and failures

  • Trying harder than usual

  • Building something bigger than ourselves

Current After School Sessions

Tinkering School has relocated! We are now in the lovely Richmond District of San Francisco. The move has taken up most of our time, so as we get ourselves organized, there won’t be any fall after school sessions. We aim to have after school sessions scheduled for winter and spring.
See upcoming sessions here!

Tinkering with Wood
(ages 8 and up)

We aim to empower kids with a sense that the world is malleable. Kids learn that they are agents of change who can grasp complex problems and express their creative ideas clearly -- in each session, the project is a surprise, but our goals are the same: make friends, learn from failure, try really, really, hard, and build something big! In this program, we will be doing it with by cutting wood, attaching wood, and sometimes incorporating unusual materials.

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Welding and Beyond: Tinkering with Metal
(ages 8 and up)

Tinkering with metal offers a different dimension in creativity, design, and implementation.  Tinkerers work on individually designed projects in a collaborative setting as they learn to shape metal using flux cored welding using the same equipment as MIG welding but with no gas.  


Program Information

Our After School Programming is held at:

Brightworks School
360 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

Sessions run 4:00 - 5:45pm.
Drop-off starts at 3:45pm. 
Pick-up ends at 6:00pm.

Tuition is $575.00. Financial assistance is available; indicate that you're interested in Financial Assistance when prompted during registration.


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