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Read our Blogs!

After each session, we tell the story of what happened. Sometimes it's all about tool practice and team building. Sometimes we feature a really cool mistake! Checking out our blogs is a really great way to dive in and get a feeling for what it's like to tinker with us.


After School

The learning doesn't always stop when the school day ends. During After School, sometimes we weld. Sometimes we work with wood. Sometimes we learn how to use a new tool really, really well! During our after school sessions, Tinkerers get the chance to make awesome things as a team over the course of several weeks.

Check out the After School Blog to see what we've been up this week:


Weekend Workshops

Learn tools, meet new friends, and build something amazing together all in one day! During our Weekend Workshops, Tinkerers weld and woodwork and problem solve together. Each session is a new group of humans and a new problem to tackle together.

See what we've been up to lately:


Break Camp

When school is on break, Tinkering School is still open! Our Break Camps are a great time to experience our open-ended projects and collaborate with new friends in multiple-day sessions.

Find out what problems we solved during our last Break Camp:


For Educators

Reflection, iteration, and learning from mistakes and failures isn't limited to our tinkering projects. We are constantly experimenting with new teaching techniques, new tools, and new ways to approach our pedagogy. 

We log our findings and are eager to spread the word. Check out our Blog for Educators:

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