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Thanksgiving Break Camp - Day 3

Frannie DiBonaComment

Today was a day full of great alterations and great successes, the perfect way to end this three day workshop! Our giant's "food cube" got a revamp to the "food cone" and the mouth got some serious accessories. A full spread of thanksgiving food was also created for our giant.

As usual, we started our day with tool training. Sofia, pictured here, makes her first cut of the day.

Zach creates a clamp structure. As the days have gone on, the clamp training structures get even more intense! 

We did another test run so that we could all see our progress so far, and then talked about what needed to be accomplished today. We decided our food cube needed to be lighter, and the mouth needed some dressing up and a better bumper. 

Laila and Ethan think about how we can make our rope better.

To solve our weight problem, we decided to scrap our food cube and turn it into a food cone!

Marabelle shows the camera how the food cone will look like the cones on her shirt, but upside down.

Zachary shows off the finished cone! Way lighter, and way more neon thanks to some paracord!

We did a test run with our food in it and located some small bumps we needed to fix! But overall it's looking like a success!

We write down our tasks and get to it!

David and Siena find some eyes and they bring our giant to life!

When everyone finished their tasks, they created food!

We set up for our final tests...

...and they worked beautifully! Everyone got a turn to try out feeding the giant, and we finished this week with an air of success and completion and a giant with a very full belly! 

Thanksgiving Break Camp — Day 2

Daniel BiglerComment

It's another fantastic day of Thanksgiving Break Camp as we resume our epic challenge of building a Thanksgiving feast for giants! (Or rather, just one giant. We have to watch the grocery bill.)

Before we begin, we gather as a group and take some time to get to know everyone — there are some new tinkerers today, as well as some seasoned pros who were here yesterday. We also discuss the ever-present goals of Tinkering School:

  1. Collaborate and make friends
  2. Make mistakes and learn from them
  3. Try harder than usual
  4. Build something bigger than yourself!

With those in mind, we jump into tool training.

Here, collaborator Molly introduces the Chop Saw…

… Dahlia and Jake try their hands at using drills…

… and Eli uses the wonder of clamps to build a gigantic clamp-bridge out from the table.

After a brief break for some snackage, we get straight to work on our grand project. After surveying what the teams constructed yesterday — the giant's mouth/head, the zipline structure, and a food cube to sail down the zipline — ideas are discussed and plans are made for what might need to be improved, what we want to add, and where to go from here. Then we're off to building!

Zach and the Giant team discuss what to do about the structural… errr… issues that we ran into with the Giant's Head at the end of our build session yesterday, while others cart away the Giant's Mouth to be further embiggened and tooth-ified.

After some work to make the Giant's Mouth bigger, the tooth-ifying begins! Summer, Sienna, and J.J. (with some help from Laila's foot) give the giant some more pearly whites to help it chew better.

Nearby, David, Simi, Laila, Nick, and collaborator Max work on fortifying the Giant's Head with the help of some triangles. (Triangles = structural magic.)

Meanwhile, over at the food delivery system team, work is underway to improve the zipline base structure. Dahlia, Zach, Brian, Dash, and Eli (who have also been infected by the magic of triangles) take the lead.

True to his name, Dash works so fast you can hardly keep up with him.

Collaborator Frannie and Zach begin to construct a platform floor for the zipline structure.

Brian, Dash, and collaborator Lindsey stop by to survey the progress and offer a helping hand.

Sophia, meanwhile, seems to be helping out everywhere — and with a trusty measuring tape at her side, is also available to help with all your measuring needs.

Chop saw cuts are constantly made by all throughout the day, but here we get a special look at Summer, Jake, and J.J.'s super chop saw-ing concentration.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Jack plays Hide-and-Seek. (Bonus points to you if you can spot him…)

As the day progresses, things begin to take shape. Looking good!

With just a few minutes of building left, Simi makes one final, but important, addition: the eye bolt contraption needed to hold the zipline in place.

With that, our building time is up. We gather together as a group to discuss the day and share our most epic mistakes and what we learned from them.

The day wouldn't be complete, though, without a chance to test our gigantic Giant-Feeding contraption!

We soon discover one huge flaw in our project design: the food cube is just too big and heavy to go on the zipline. Nobody's all that despondent about it, though, since finishing a working project has never been one of Tinkering School's main goals — and sometimes, the fun is all in the building anyway.

… also, platforms. Having platforms to climb on top of is a lot of fun, too.

Thanksgiving Break Camp — Day 1

Frannie DiBona2 Comments

Day one of Break Camp! The project for this short three-day week is to build a thanksgiving dinner for giants! To do this, we've decided we need to build both a "mouth" and a "food delivery system." 

Before we start work, though, it's always nice to get some energy out. Molly and some of the kids do relay races up and down the sidewalk, seeing how fast they can make it down and back... so far, it's looking like the record is 30 seconds. Pretty impressive!


At morning circle, Jack and Nick demonstrate how hard they usually try versus how hard they're going to try today.

Before we dive into building, we always go over with a little training to get acquainted with the main tools we'll be working with. Here, David uses the chopsaw for the first time!

So does Siena...

Meanwhile, Cesar and Elijah get acquainted with another useful tool — clamps — by making clamp stairs off the table.

JJ and Laila get a quick tutorial from Max on to use the drills.

With tool training and a quick snack out of the way, the project is introduced and the teams get to work drawing out their ideas.

The food delivery team lists their goals and ideas for their project. Much discussion is had about the making of a taco truck, an idea which gradually morphs into maybe just making a regular food truck (it is Thanksgiving after all, although it is pointed out that tacos can also be a delicious T-day delight), which eventually crystallizes into simply making a "food cube" that will fit on the zip line.

After stopping for lunch and a quick game of charades, it's back to work!

The food delivery system splits off into two groups to build the zip line and food cube. The zip line team starts putting together their launch platform. 

The food cube begins to look like a cube!

Meanwhile, the team in charge of making the giant's mouth has put together a head that will house their mouth. Siena drills while JJ gives a helpful "partner push."

David and Siena put together the corners of the mouth with some serious concentration.

A pulley is attached to the food cube for zip-lining purposes, and the rest of the team adds walls to keep the food in.

Labeling is always an important task.

David and Siena strike a pose while drilling in some teeth!

"I'm drilling like a beast." – Matthew

The platform sides come together with help from everyone.

Sadly, after turning the head, the corners start to crack! We reposition it carefully and decide that we will reinforce it and make sure it is strong in order to receive food — but for now it's time for day one to come to a close. We'll resume building our giant Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.

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