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Winter Break Camp Day 1

Iditarod Winter 2016Caroline ScanlanComment

Winter Beak Camp 2016 has begun!

After goal setting, establishing shared agreements, and making some wacky name tags at the beginning of day one...

...we dove right into tool training! We learned where the essential tools could be found in the shop: screws, drills, driver bits, safety goggles, clamps, the chop saw, and more!

We learned effective ways to use our tools.


And always practiced safety first.

We had the opportunity to practice good form when operating the saw.


And make a few clamp-a-ma-jigs!

We broke up our day with some very serious play at the park.

And then returned to Tinkering School in the afternoon to learn what our building theme would be for the week...IDITAROD!

We got busy right away, designing quietly before sharing our ideas with the larger team. We decided we would start by breaking up into groups: the dog sled team! And the arctic scenery (biome) team!

Next, we used our collective, creative brain power to develop the beginning of our design plans for the week!



Finally, the building began. We made lots of measurements and determined design dimensions for cuts in the chop saw room!

We got our clamp on and learned how to attach 2x3's at right angles. 

And even attached some wood at funky angles, too!

We worked collaboratively, in pairs. 

And finished the day with a great start to our week of building...

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