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Aquarium! - February Break Camp - Day 1

February Fish 2016Lindsay JonesComment

This week we are going to turn Tinkering School into a huge Aquarium! When the Collaborators started imagining what their dream aquarium would contain some went huge like the aquariums that fill whole builds and some went small - like you would have in your living room. So we are starting off the week with an Underwater Castle for the fish to live in, a huge swimming Jellyfish, and of course lots of Fish to swim around!

We are so excited to see the transformation of the space by the end of the week, because these kids are working together and hard! I don't know if we've ever had so much built in one afternoon as today!

The tinkerers creating the Jellyfish were listening to each other's creative ideas to recreate all the strange and mysterious parts that cnidarians have and smoothly combined them into a really exciting plan!

Over where the Fishes team was trying to figure out the best way to make a swimming school, they had a list of priorities and were systematically going through options and figuring out the best way to solve things like, "How can we get the most fish moving around?", "How are we going to control the fish?" and "How are the fish going to move?!"

They decided to make a fish first, so that they would know for sure what kind of thing they were going to have to make swim through the air.

The Underwater Castle tinkerers made their plan and got to work quick!  Things like "How can I help you?" and "Excuse me, can you steady this wood for me?" could be heard all afternoon in their building area and with such great teamwork and enthusiasm they had all 4 walls framed by Shop Reset time! Wowee!!

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