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Spring Break Camp 2016 - Day 5

Spring Illusions 2016Amanda SimonsComment

Oh, hey Team!
My name is Amanda. Nice to meet you. Today is my first day here. I know you all have been building some rad stuff all week, but actually, I don't have any idea what's going on. Jeremy called in sick this morning, and I'm his sub.


...can you explain to me what you're making?
...what do you have left to do?
...what exactly are the goals here?

Ooohhh... it's April Fools Day. All these projects are illusions. Got it. 

Project One: a flying carpet. 

You have a carpet, and a frame, but are working on levitating it from behind some sort of frame. You need to make a seat for someone to sit on? Easy. We can do that in an afternoon. Let's make a plan. 

What's the second project?

M.C. Escher stairs? Okay. Yup, I know what those are. It seems like you got a lot of work left to do.

(Admittedly, I was a little nervous about this one. When I got there on Friday morning, it was a ramp and a pile of wood on the floor.)

...by the end of the day though, created a pretty impressive (and stable!) contraption.

Project 3: A Fruit Stand. 

Having been dropped into this workshop without any context, I spent the whole day trying to figure out what this had to do with April Fool's Day. It seemed like a pretty stable structure, and by the end of the day, the Tinkerers were "selling" fruit and other edible wares 

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