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Cranberry Slammer - Thanksgiving Break Camp - Day 3

Thanksgiving 2014Sean Murray

Tinkering School is a failure-positive environment. We acknowledge that, for people who want to try new, challenging things, failure is an inevitability.

We maintain a positive, attentive attitude through failure, and try to learn from it.

On this, the third day of Thanksgiving Break Camp, our reach exceeded our grasp! After successfully SMASHING (under a giant mallet) and SLICING (with a knife positioned at the bottom of a 16-foot sled track) cranberry sauce, this day we tried to SLAM it, between twon hammer, positioned on the end of a giant, rolling scissors.

We also tried to add a looping marble track, using insulation brought in by the industrious Aiden and Ayla (visiting from distant Los Angeles!)

The machines each worked in isolation, but we didn't have enough time to get them all working together reliably. But we did have a nice time trying. 

Here are some pictures, as always there are more on our flickr.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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